Photo taken at Winchester Bay, Oregon

Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Toy!

At Shady Pines RV Park in Texarkana, Texas...

This is the first opportunity I’ve had to check out my latest toy, a Wilson Sleek 4G cell phone signal booster.  I picked this up in anticipation of our trip out west, knowing reception would be poor in some locations. Since our cell phone signal here at Shady Pines is only one bar, I thought I would unpack the Sleek and see how it works.
My iPhone or MiFi fits in here.

The antenna sticks to the inside of the window.

I was fairly impressed, in that the device did indeed give a noticeable boost, from one bar to three. (See below)

Without Sleek

With Sleek
We have friends, Ed and Marilyn, who spend summers at a campground in Colorado Springs and cannot receive cell service at the park.  Had our plans not changed, we would have checked the Sleek out there to see if it would give them some cell service.  Maybe next summer.

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