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Sunday, March 11, 2012

February…My Least Favorite Month

Yes, I am aware that our posts have been, well, nonexistent for the past few weeks.  The reason is that it was largely February during that time. 

If bad stuff is going to happen to us, it will likely happen in February, you can be sure. And, alas, this February was no different.  The five of us in our immediate family—Son-in law Tyler, daughter Mindy, grandson Mason, Sandy and I—had, at various times, bouts with colds, bronchitis, ear infections and stomach flu.  Besides that, I had to have a couple of steroid injections for arthritis, so we were ready for February to be finished in terms of our health issues.
As if that weren’t enough, our good friend Bubba lost his dad, Barry, to cancer.  We have known Bubba and his family for many years, and his mom and dad, Barry and Algene Barker, have been sort of our adopted parents after Sandy and I lost our own parents over the last several years.  Barry was much loved by lots of people, and we will surely miss him.  Sandy and I couldn’t help but think of the sad irony that we both lost our own fathers in the month of February. (See what I mean?) 

Bubba (Brent) and LouAnn

Barry Barker (1927-2011) and wife Algene (Bubba's parents)

Sandy and I drove Phannie out to Lockney, Texas (near Plainview) for the funeral, and we had our first “moochdocking” experience there.  Some neighbors who lived across the street from Barry and Algene insisted that we park in their driveway and hook up to their water and power for the two nights we were in Lockney.  This worked very well, and we’re grateful to the Teeters for their hospitality.  At peace now and with God for the ages, Barry; yours was a life well lived.


  1. So sorry for lose of your friend, Barry. I don't think I have a least favorite month now that we are traveling. I know when we lived in Ohio it was...January, February and March...hehe Hope March is much more friendly to you! ~wheresweaver

  2. so sorry for the loss of your beloved is indeed too short and it seems the good ones go too early!
    take care of yourselves..February is done..bring on Spring!..
    for us it is November..and then we always seem to make major decisions in we have two months that we don't really like!!

  3. My condolences.
    You've made it through another February. Maybe next year 'that month' will be better?
    It makes the trip just that much less onerous if you can take along your own house. Very kind of the neighbours to let you
    "moochdock". (what a word!)
    Hang in there.

  4. So sorry for your loss. It sounds like he lived a long, full life and will be missed by many.
    What a month you had! Hope March is much, much better.

  5. We're so sorry for your loss. How wonderful it was that you could take your rolling home and be part of the celebration of his long and wonderful life. And, what generous neighbors to welcome you as a guest on their property. (I'm not fond of that "word".)

    Sounds like next February might be the perfect time for y'all to take Phannie and Mae somewhere sunny and warm. Meanwhile, here's to a happy and healthy March!

  6. Sorry to hear about your illnesses and the loss of a dear friend...
    My thoughts are with you all


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