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Friday, May 27, 2016

Rain, Rain, Go Away

At Sunset Shores RV Park, Willis, Texas...

Well, this part of Texas has had its share of rain lately, but we're not alone. Several of our Rving friends along the Mississippi River have also been pretty well housebound by rains and flooding, too. After two days of downpours, Lake Conroe--on whose shoreline Phannie is, well, moored--is above flood level and continuing to rise, even though the floodgates are releasing 20,000 cubic feet of water per second. We took some photos of some of the waterside RV spaces (thankfully, we are on somewhat higher ground):

The water you see below is supposed to be a grassy park area. The normal shoreline is beyond the fence:

The bright evening sky in the photo above is the first break in the clouds we've seen in two days. We were glad finally to get outside and take a walk to get the photos. Afterward, we came back in and had a bowl of chicken and dumplin's that we had plenty of time to put together, cooped up as we were. (Here in the South, it is improper to pronounce the "g" at the end of dumpling.) If you do that, you will instantly be identified as a carpetbagger, or worse. By the way, I make a mean pot of chicken and dumplin's. Cutting no corners, I start with a dead chicken, bred specifically for my pot, boiled and deboned by me personally. Using Sandy's homemade dumplings (the best) and a gob of butter dumped into the broth, this stuff is nothing short of legendary. I only wish you could smell it; tasting it might be too much excitement for you:

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful life; please forgive me if I don't appreciate it enough each day.

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