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Monday, June 6, 2016

Homecoming: We Visit Our Folder

At Escapees Rainbow's End RV Park, Livingston, Texas...

I know I was going to talk about an average day as a fulltimer, but I've changed my mind; It just doesn't interest me very much. In fact, it's because of do-nothing days that I am not a daily blogger. I just think that if I'm not interested in what I write about, the readers will be disinterested as well. I have evidence of this in reading the blog statistics. When I publish under a post title that sounds interesting, I get a lot more hits, and vice versa. And frankly, I have difficulty making something interesting out of, say, vacuuming the car. Now, that's not to say anything against daily bloggers, some of whom are good friends. (I can hear you typing your snarky comments now.) Curiously, I enjoy reading a daily blog; I guess I'm just too lazy to write one.

I will say a couple of things about our routine days: 

1) Our habit patterns from pre-fulltiming days haven't really changed much, and I doubt if yours will, either, if you're thinking about doing it. For example, we like to sleep in in the morning and stay up late at night; we always have. We will get up and get going early for special occasions, like going to church or going with friends on an adventure, but we're not sure what kind of company we are when we do that.

2) If we have a do-nothing day, we always try to do something productive as well, so as not to feel that it's  a wasted day. Since the RV is our house, there's always some small household chore that needs to be done; it's just that we don't spend much time doing these. In a tiny house, chores are tiny, too, but they still give a sense of accomplishment. Then there are all the entertainment resources, books to be read and the Internet. How in the world could anyone be bored?

Okay, that's about all I'm going to say about do-nothing days; my eyes are beginning to glaze over. Instead, lets talk about our trip "home" to Livingston, Texas:

We have returned to our current residence of record, the sprawling Escapees complex in Livingston, Texas that houses our mail folder--that serves as our "home" at 237 Rainbow Drive. Our folder is quite nondescript among the 15,000 other folders of fulltimers and, although Sandy would like to spruce it up a bit, maybe by adding a plastic flower or something, I don't think they would go for that here at Escapees Mail Service. They're pretty serious about their business.

Escapees Mail Facility in Livingston, Texas
We are not here merely to pick up our mail, which is usually sent by Escapees to wherever we tell them. Our mission is to get new registration stickers for Phannie and Mae, an annual obligation that requires us to return here once a year. Obtaining a sticker requires a vehicle inspection, and we will have to get that, too, while we're here.

The Escapees headquarters is about six miles southeast of Livingston on state highway 146, identified by this sign:

While you're looking at that sign, take a look at the original photo below from which I removed some unwanted objects with a really cool program called Movavi. (I've mentioned this before in the blog, but for you new readers, you need to see it again; you need this. It's not nearly as complicated or expensive as some other programs. By the way, I have no connection to Movavi other than as a customer.)

Notice the overhead wires and the speed limit sign above. These are not to be found in the preceding photo. Removing them with Movavi is so simple; you just highlight the areas to fix and click on a button, and the program does the rest. It seems to know what is supposed to be in the background behind the objects removed; I can't imagine how it does this. Yes, there's a small cost for Movavi Photo Editor--about forty bucks. But that's not a lot, considering what it does. I haven't even gotten into the other editing features; just the unwanted object removal is more than worth its cost to me. 

We have a nice shady parking spot with just enough of an opening for our dish to see the satellites it needs. The concrete pad is still wet from where I gave Phannie a bath. It wasn't a full bath; she was only dirty from about her waist down. Saved myself more than a hundred bucks.

We're parked very near the RV park office:

It contains a very nice laundry room:

Here's the main headquarters building where the mail service is:

Here's our house:

The inspections and the sticker acquisitions went off without a problem, except that our bank account is nearly $500 smaller.

We ate at a very good catfish joint just south of Livingston on U. S. 59. Here's a photo of Hughes Catfish Inn, and I'm adding it to our favorite restaurants list.

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful life; please forgive me if I don't appreciate it enough each day.

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