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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Still Hot: ABQ is Not Any Cooler

At Enchanted Trails RV Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico...

We launched successfully from Fort Worth on our way to Colorado, stopping the first night in tiny Crosbyton, Texas to visit friends and then on to Albuquerque. Crosbyton has a nice city-owned RV park that is free for the first two nights and $10 thereafter. Can't beat that deal, although they have only 30-amp service. We made do for one night without all the A/Cs running, but that's not something we would want to do any longer than that in the summertime.

Enchanted Trails is a Passport America park here in Albuquerque that is very nice for $20 with the PA card. (Good for two nights only.)  We enjoyed this old (Packard, I think) pulling a camper trailer as a piece of yard art:

It was 105 degrees here when we pulled into register, so I haven't made much progress in getting out of the heat, have I? They say it's dry heat but, guess what? I still sweat! My tolerance for heat never was very good, but it is definitely getting worse. I hope we find a cool place where we're going.

Not wishing to cook anything, we elected to try the Frontier Restaurant near the UNM campus for dinner. This place has been around forever, and it is always crowded with a line to order at one window and pick up at another. It's a rather large restaurant, having started as a single room many years ago and gradually expanding into a couple of side buildings. We had read that the food was good, plentiful and cheap, and that proved to be true.

We had a plate with a taco and an enchilada covered in red chile sauce, a green chile cheeseburger and a cup of green chile stew, followed by a killer cinnamon roll. Fresh flour tortillas were hot off the griddle. It was all delicious, for only a little over $20. What a deal! I like Tex-Mex, but I'm really enjoying the New Mexico version, too. I had forgotten how good it is.

 I didn't show photos of the green chile cheeseburger or the green chile stew; They were probably half eaten by the time I took the photo. Suffice it to say everything was wonderful. This place will definitely go on our favorite restaurants list. Besides, any restaurant that sports a life-sized portrait of John Wayne can't be all bad. (Reminds me of a time in our country when things made sense):

On this trip, I'm trying to focus more on parks that give good discounts, like Passport America. They are not everywhere, but the price is right when you find them.

Tomorrow will be a down day, as we rest up from the 350-mile drive here today. That's just too long a leg, in my view, to be much fun, although Phannie purred flawlessly all the way.

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful life; please forgive me if I don't appreciate it enough each day.

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