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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Conroe to Euless

By now, we were thinking that we were getting our system down pretty good in regard to preparing Homer for arrivals and departures. Sandy is becoming more confident that there will not be a water/sewage plumbing disaster. She is very picky about restroom facilities, and she had been very skeptical about the suitability of the plumbing of these small RVs. Since the system worked as advertised, with no odors or leaking wastewater, she can concentrate better on, well, helping me. Whenever we are going to undertake a launch, I concentrate on the exterior chores such as dumping and flushing the tanks, retracting the stabilizers, checking tire pressures, unhooking utilities, etc. Sandy takes care of the inside details, such as final kitchen cleanup, securing loose items and retracting the slide. This works efficiently and well, and we're getting fairly proud of ourselves for graduating, to a degree, from being such newbies! We talked a good deal about whether it was wise to have belly-flopped into such a long and arduous first trip, and we decided that, while it was a bit scary, it was probably just as well that we did it this way. We now have enough experience so that our confidence level is greatly increased. That can't be a bad thing. We're also sold on Homer's solid construction and the dependable and powerful Cummins diesel engine. We feel very safe in this truck, and we just don't think we could ever be happy with a gasoline-powered tow vehicle.

The 200-mile trip home was uneventful. We stopped at McKenzie's Barbeque on Frazier Road in Conroe for lunch. The brisket sandwich was okay, but nothing special. Farther up the road, we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants—the Old Mexican Inn on highway 31 in Corsicana, where we just pigged out. This place has been in business ever since I was born, and everything they serve is just the best. Definitely a foodie delight!

While it was good to get home, our arrival was a bit of a downer, in that we were back in the middle of the daily grind once again—going to my job, taking care of the big house and all the vehicles, to say nothing of the young and the old, for whom we are responsible. Our little escape was a wonderful adventure, where the newness of RV travel made us forget—for quite a while—the captive nature of our obligations. We are already planning our next getaway—to Branson—and it can't come soon enough.

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  1. Mike,

    We are still enjoying the ride with you on your travel journal. Keep up the good work!



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