Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Sunday, October 9, 2005

Kerrville to Marble Falls

Sunset RV Park on Lake LBJ
We decided to break camp a day early and motor back through Fredericksburg to a new RV park near Marble Falls. It was a Sunday, and as we pulled onto the main drag in Fredericksburg, we were struck by the number of tourists everywhere. We had intended to stop and look around a bit at the shops, but we were both put off a bit by the throngs. We elected to keep going, saddened a bit that the quaint town has become so commercialized. I punched the accelerator and the diesel clattered happily up to its normal 1800 rpm for cruising. We were headed for Marble Falls. I had spotted the target RV park—Sunset on Lake LBJ—on the Internet while doing a little surfing the night before, and I was ready for a change of scenery. This was a beautiful new park, built right on the edge of its namesake lake, near the dam. It was very spacious, all parking spots being concrete with asphalt connecting roads. This is the first park we visited that had no TV cable, so I set up the satellite dish, and we soon had Direct TV going strong. We have the portable dish that sets on the ground, but we plan to put a roof-mounted one on the next RV. After unhooking, we went back up the road a piece to the Farmhouse restaurant where, again, we had a respectable dinner of mostly standard roadhouse fare.

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