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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Homer's Roost Has a Roof

As you can see, the RV port has a slab and a roof. The forms are set for the RV driveway, but the weather has been too cold to pour more concrete. While the exterior seems to have slowed down, lots of things are going on inside. The plumber and A/C subs have completed their rough-in, and the audio/TV/phone guy has run his wires. The electrician is just starting his rough-in, but we've slowed him down because we're kinda fanatical about lighting, and we are going to make sure we have enough. We've found that the wattage needed increases exponentially with the age of the eyes.

The brick arrived today, and I gave the bricklayers a few grand for their first draw. Today was a tough day for the checkbook; besides the bricklayer, I had to give money for draws from the A/C guy and the electrician. Seems like everyone had his hand out.

One of the unfortunate things about living in an urban area is that city dwellers are more susceptible to crime. I had been worried that the empty house, containing an increasing amount of valuable construction materials, was going to be a tempting target for thieves. As a countermeasure, I purchased a couple of battery-powered motion-sensing alarms. Thurman (the next door neighbor) and I set the alarms after sundown Saturday evening and left them attached to the studs in the living room and family room of the house. Sure enough, around 11:00 p.m., Thurman heard the front alarm sounding and called the police, who sent two squad cars fairly quickly. However, the intruders were long gone, probably frightened out of their wits by the shrieking alarm. They still managed to take four bundles of roof shingles, however. I tell you, the sorry state of our nation's moral compass really depresses me! It sickens me to think that I am not at all surprised at the thievery--that I even anticipated it, as was amply evident by the fact that I bought the alarms. It's very sad, what we've come to. Sometimes I think we should use some proven methods of dealing with thieves: Maybe we should adopt the middle eastern practice of cutting off their hands or Singapore's public floggings. Either would get my vote!

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