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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Shaping Up!

Well, it's looking more like a house. Once the carpenters began, it only took three days to have the whole house framed. Amazing! Sandy had her usual misconceptions about the house size when she saw it in the pre-foundation phase. When only the foundation forms were visible outlining the area of the house, she was convinced there had been a terrible mistake, because the house couldn't possibly be as large as the plans indicated. However, once the framing was up and the layout of the rooms was discernible, she could tell that it was okay. Stubbornly refusing to concede her misperception, she told me that it was lucky for Richard that he decided to expand the forms to the correct dimensions before pouring the slab! I nodded, having learned long ago that a husband's head should move only in two directions--up and down.

This Saturday was busy, because I had to meet Richard in Kennedale to buy roofing shingles, then afterward, I drove Sandy to a Christmas decorations warehouse, where she had to keep reminding herself that we cannot decorate the new house until it is finished--and that will be after Christmas! God smiled on me, as she somehow failed to buy anything.

After this close call, we made our yearly pilgrimage to the Cacharel Restaurant in Arlington, where we met our beloved friends, John and Myrna Fields. We always gather here around Thanksgiving to swap stories and enjoy the pumpkin souffle', a magnificent masterpiece of the art of dessertmaking that is available here only at this time of year. The rest of the food is also wonderful, but the pumpkin souffle' is almost too good to believe.

Sandy, John and Myrna Outside Cacharel

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