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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rain Delay

Oddly enough, it has never rained before on a day we departed on an RV trip.  And perhaps never before had we been so fully prepared for an early departure yesterday, but it was all for naught.  It came a gully washer there in Fort Worth, and I wasn’t about to try to hook up and drive while that was going on.  There are enough crazies on the road as it is, and they get even crazier when the road is wet.

So, we didn’t launch until mid-afternoon, and that allowed us to get no farther than Wichita Falls before time to quit for the day.  This puts us way behind in our schedule, and we’re going to have a couple of long and grueling days getting to Durango.  RV travel during a defined period of time off from work is often frantic for us, and we can hardly wait for retirement so that it won’t matter if we take a delay for rain. 

Here are some photos of our departure from Homer’s little RV port beside our house near Fort Worth:
 IMG_0033 IMG_0035 IMG_0036 IMG_0037
(In case you’re wondering, backing Homer into this RV port was a little challenging until I had done it a few times.  Nowadays, I rarely hit anything.)

About halfway to Wichita Falls, Sandy began chanting and meditating, zen-fashion, getting herself mentally prepared for the long trek across west Texas and New Mexico.  She is less than enthusiastic about traveling through desolate and featureless landscape, and there is plenty of that along our route.  Unfortunately, there is just no way of avoiding it if you’re going west or northwest through Texas.  I do love my state, but God was not particularly slavish to topographical appeal in some areas when He designed it.  One fable has it that God, when putting Texas together and beautifying it, became tired because of the hugeness of the state.  He decided to rest when he was about half-finished but never got around to completing west Texas.  Other Texas lore says that when God was creating west Texas, he tossed all the leftover rocks into Big Bend.  We would agree with that, but at least in Big Bend, you’ve got the rocks to look at.  In much of west Texas, you’ve got nothing to look at but, well, nothing.

We stayed at the Wichita Falls RV Park (wonder how long they agonized over what to name it?), an older park that was nice enough, with lots of trees and not very crowded.  It was very quiet, and the wi-fi was free and working pretty well.

Upon a recommendation from a local denizen, we tried McBride’s Land and Cattle Co. for dinner and found it to be a little above mediocre. 

After the obligatory stop at Wal-Mart, we returned to Homer, watched a little TV and turned in for the night.

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