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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ain't Lovin' Clovis

We got a late start from Wichita Falls due to my failed attempts to get the new Pressure Pro tire monitor to work.  It never would initiate as the instructions describe, so I think I’ll have to send it back for a replacement.  The leg from Wichita Falls to Clovis was just 300 miles, but we were pretty tired when we got there and decided to stop for the night.  The next leg to Durango will be a fiendish 430 miles, so I’ll have to take some Geritol or something, I guess.

I really hate to disparage communities, because every town is someone’s home town.  But Clovis seems to go out of its way to invite criticism.  U. S. highway 84, the main east-west drag through town, has been allowed to deteriorate to the extent that it could possibly damage your suspension.  Pulling Homer through town gave the new Air Safe hitch a workout as the pin box gyrated around wildly on the air-suspended hitch head.  Even with this marvel of a shock-dampening hitch, we found a few things tossed around inside the trailer when we stopped for the night.  The city fathers should be flogged for allowing a main artery to get in this shape.  Even for the streets that had been resurfaced, the work was inferior.  The asphalt overlay had not been applied to cover the entire street, but only those portions that had deteriorated.  While this fixed the potholes, the uneven surface made for a terrible ride everywhere we went.  Except for the newer, more affluent north end of town, the area along U. S. 84 looked very bleak, impoverished and worn.  This was certainly one of the least appealing cityscapes that I can ever remember seeing in all our travels in the U. S.

Traveler’s World, the more desirable RV park, had no 50-amp site available, so we stayed at KC Campground, a pretty low-rent place with dusty and unkempt dirt and gravel (mostly dirt) sites and no shade anywhere.  It was priced pretty well at $24, and the proprietor was friendly.  After parking and exiting Lucille, we couldn’t help but notice in the breeze the unmistakable odor of the stockyards south of town.  After retreating into Homer, we elected not even to unhook, as there was not really any more of this place we cared to explore.  We made a very tasty Caesar salad with grilled chicken, watched a little TV and turned in fairly early.

Sunrise at Clovis

View from our window:

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