Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Monday, July 25, 2011


The 220 miles to OKC were smooth, comfortable and uneventful, but the temperature outside proved to be even hotter than in Texas!  Much to my delight, Tiffin installed a high-volume dash a/c on the Phaeton, and we didn't have to augment with roof air until the last hour or so of the trip.  If it hadn't been so miserably hot, we probably wouldn't have needed the extra boost.

We pulled into the Twin Fountains RV Park, recommended by Ed and Marilyn, and got a nice level pull-through spot with good satellite TV reception.  Then we went about getting things organized in Phannie, moving our stuff around as we found the right place for the household items we use.

Twin Fountains Office
Nice clean park with level paved site
While Sandy was taking care of "pink" things inside (where it was cool), I did the "blue" things outside, breathing only as absolutely necessary so as to not parch the inside of my lungs in the oven-like atmosphere.  Yes, I suppose I am a little spoiled due to my almost total existence within air conditioned surroundings, but I don't care.  When autumn weather gets here, I think about breathing again.

One of the recurring themes in changing to a motorhome from a fifth wheel has been to reduce the physical demands of RV travel.  To that end, I added a purely "blue" accessory:  A motorized rollup reel for the electrical shore power cord.  This thing is so handy!  No need now to crouch on bad knees and roll up the heavy cord on the spindle provided by Tiffin inside one of the cargo bays.  Just press the switch on the electric motor and the cord rolls up quickly with no exertion.

We discovered a burned-out halogen light bulb in the bedroom, and I was then able to initialize my plan to replace all of these halogen bulbs with LED lights as the halogens burn out, one by one.  I had a spare LED, and voila!  Brighter light with none of the heat put out by the halogen bulb--another great example of modern technology improving our lives.  These LEDs will far outlast the life of this coach, and they will use much less electricity while providing better lighting.  The only problem is that they are currently about six or seven times more expensive than the halogens.  Thankfully, I won't have to replace them all at once.

Halogen Lights

Burned-out halogen bulb

New LED bulb

We had some good Thai food for dinner and relaxed in Phannie's new recliners while we watched TV before turning in.  By the way, we love the great new I Comfort mattress.  The first day of the shakedown cruise comes to and end as a success!


  1. We have stayed there and liked Twin Fountains! The new lights look great.

  2. glad you have 'landed safely'! the spool for the electrical cord!!!..what a great idea!!

  3. Mike,

    LED's good idea. I have replaced most of the halogen flush ceiling lights in our rig with LED lighting and haven't lost one since. The halogen lights were pathetic.

    Sounds like everything is going well...good preparations always rule the day.

    Safe travels

  4. Hi Mike & Sandy, Great Post!!
    Good place to eat very close to you is County Line BBQ. Near the Cowboy Museum. We think you would like it.
    Have a good time!
    We wish you were here but we are only being selfish.
    Hugs to both of you.
    E & M

  5. Sounds like a successful shakedown cruise.


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