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Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Stuff for Phannie

As I get older, I'm finding that I give a good deal more consideration to those persons, activities and things that make me comfortable or at least that reduce stress and strain.  The last several posts are replete with examples of creature comforts we have added to Phannie, and I've just acquired a couple of new ones.

In terms of relieving stress, my recent acquisition of a TireTracker tire pressure monitor was essential.

This replaces my PressurePro system, with which I've had nothing but trouble.  I know many folks swear by that brand, but I just could never get the thing to work right.  I've made one trip with the new system with the sensors installed only on the wheels of our toad, Mae.  I must say, this thing is a jewel!  Not only is it the least expensive of all the monitors I've seen, it is no larger than an iPhone, easy to operate, wireless, and it requires no booster to display Mae's tire pressures, even though she's WAY back there behind Phannie!  It monitors temperature in addition to pressure, and I'm now going to order six more sensors for Phannie's tires.

This was a great stress reliever, as I had become increasingly worried about pulling Mae with the Pressure Pro system inoperative.  I figured it was only a matter of time until one of her tires would go flat, and it is doubtful that I would know it way up in Phannie's cockpit without a tire monitor alarm.  The rear TV camera was of little help, as Mae's wheels are not visible on the monitor screen in the cockpit.  I knew that Phannie's powerful engine could drag Mae for miles--probably even  with a wheel missing--and I would never know it unless another driver alerted me.   I feel much better now about this.

The other purchase was an LED light fixture to replace the cheaply-constructed one over Phannie's entrance door.  The old fixture was the el cheapo kind with the orange plastic lens that you see on, well, 487,000 other RVs.  These flimsy things have been installed on every RV I've owned and they have been an unending source of irritation.  The model originally installed on Phannie was a slightly heftier metal version, but it was no less cantankerous because of its frequent jettisoning of the stupid plastic lens cover! I had bought a couple of cover spares before it dawned on me that they were probably designed to pop right off any time you run over a bump in the road bigger than an acorn.  I'm sure there's some dude sitting on the beach in Key West right now, watching the sunset and thinking about his good fortune in inventing those pop-out lens covers.

I ordered this fixture from Camping World, and I love the cool light and modern look, and the LEDs will last a very long time.  It was easy to install and, best of all, it has no plastic cover to lose! 



  1. Love that light. Think I am getting a couple for outside.

    Mike and Dee

  2. Thanks for the info on the Tire Tracker system. We need something but haven't followed through yet. Will check it out.

  3. sounds like you have been busy making some purchases and improving the economy too!!!

  4. I had to laugh all the way through your blog today. We did the EXACT things you did just in the last few weeks. Our neighbor had a Pressure Pro for sale and Paul bought it. We are with much less pressure and stress now. Paul more than I worried about towing the CRV and having a blow out. We both feel so much better now with the purchase. Paul also installed that new light. We love it. You did a great job explaining both! Enjoy your new stress relievers. ~wheresweaver

  5. Thanks for this informative post on the Tire Tracker.
    I've been kicking it around which system to purchase and your article convinced me to make the move.
    Also, thanks for the correspondence via email about the product, Mike.
    I'm looking forward to a little less stress now when I travel with my "toad".

  6. a couple of nice additions. I will have to look into the tire tracker:)

  7. Hubby's been looking into a tire monitoring system and is now looking into the same system. I hope you come back and let us know a bit more after you get the sensors on Phannie.

  8. Glad you got a tire monitor that works for you. We had a little trouble with ours for a time (TST) but it is working fine now and gives us peace of mind.

    The porch light looks nice....maybe will have to check it out.


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