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Friday, April 27, 2012

Buckhorn RV Resort and Rally Review

Kerrville, Texas-The Buckhorn RV Resort will definitely go on our list of preferred camping locations.  Everything here is well planned and meticulously maintained.  The sites are all concrete and level and the interior roads are all asphalt with curbs.  There is a nice-sized swimming pool, a playground and a basketball court!  The huge barnlike meeting facility is perfect for large groups like the RV Dreams rally.

Entrance to Buckhorn

Park Office

RV Rally Headquarters

Main Traffic Circle at Buckhorn (Howard and Linda's Rig in the Background
Phannie and Mae Tucked Into Our Site

Upscale Private RV Community on the Property-Priced up to $500,000

Typical RV Pads at Buckhorn

A Fifth Wheel With a Built-In Patio!  Don't See This Every Day!

You may have gathered from this journal that we are not so much into “roughing it.”  If so, your inference would be entirely correct.  I suppose I admire those folks who enjoy boondocking and communing with nature, but we just find that the comfort and conveniences we enjoy win out over bugs, reptiles, varmints, dirt, heat, cold and wind.  As I sit here, watching our HD TV from a satellite receiver and using the Internet to post to this rag, I’m not entirely sure that I would be sufficiently challenged, intellectually, from an off-the-grid existence.  At the same time, there is the awful paradox of my being extremely appreciative, even reverential, of the beauty of God’s creation all around us.  It’s just that I would like to commune with it from my recliner with conditioned air blowing down my collar! 
And I can just hear the clucking sounds from the sinewy nature-hugging purists who think someone with such an attitude needs to be confined in a remote rehab facility for intense reprogramming.  That may be true, but until then, someone please top off my drink and add a little more ice from the icemaker.  Like I say, I admire these folks; I'm just not as tough as they are!
 I can see that I have digressed, so I’ll talk a bit about the rally. Howard and Linda put on a really fine event, but it seems to be tailored more for wannabe RVers or those who own RVs and are preparing to enter a full time RV lifestyle (meaning giving up their traditional home and living entirely in an RV.  We like the concept and the freedom of jettisoning the upkeep of a house, but we haven’t been able to reconcile the nomadic existence versus the roots represented by our current house and community).
So, having been RV owners for seven years, we have found these seminars to be somewhat elementary.  That doesn’t mean that we haven’t picked up a few pointers, but we have skipped quite a few events that involve subject matter that we don’t think would be all that useful.  The camaraderie is great, however, and Howard and Linda are talented presenters who keep things funny and moving along.  The group had a potluck dinner one evening followed by a game based on the old Newlyweds game show that was a hoot.
Visiting with Howard and Linda Payne

Howard Emcees a Newlyweds-Type Show

Sandy Cutting Veggies for Her Famous Bean Salad - Our Contribution to Potluck Dinner

Howard Presenting a Seminar

Seminar Audience (and Sweet Thang in the Foreground)

The best part is just being away from work, relaxing in beautiful surroundings and visiting with friendly RV folks.  We’re going to drive Mae over to Fredericksburg this afternoon to do a little sightseeing, so our next post will be about that adventure.


  1. I saw one of those campers with the "Back porch" at a recent camper show. Not sure what I think of them at all. Not sure if I see any point in them. I, also am a "luxury camper", but a back porch? Don't think so.

  2. ....and it is a good thing there are RVing places for both kinds of folks don't you think? We are the more "roughing" it type, and right now with us only doing this on weekends, we can go without the satellite and internet, but if we ever get the chance to full time, we will be needing to add those items for sure. We will probably still stay where there are bugs, reptiles, varmits, dirt, heat, cold and wind, I guess we just kind of like that stuff. Following your blog, however, gives me a chance to see places I might not....always a good think to expand the mind. Enjoy your travels!

  3. One of the best parts of RVing is the fact that there is something for everybody. You can enjoy your upscale parks, others can enjoy their extreme boondocking, or you can just go kind of down the middle and find where you like to go. I'm more the middle of the road person - I love boondocking for awhile but I also like an RV Park. Not the fancy ones cause I don't use any of the amenities. But I also want TV and internet even while boondocking. Also, agree with you on the Rally. That's what we've found at the Good Sam Rally - most of the seminars were for beginners.

  4. We will remember this park. The park office looks gorgeous. I love the theme of the park. We love that area. So much to see and do!
    You will really enjoy Fredericksburg. What a fun old town. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. enjoy the rally...even if you don't attend all the seminars, just being away from home is good!..nice looking park..I seem to remember Paul and Mary staying there and liking it too!


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