Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rally Wrap-Up and Back Home

Fort Worth - Our drive back from Kerrville was in good weather with a peppy tailwind, something that helped a little with Phannie's thirst for diesel fuel.  For a change of scenery, we chose to make a dogleg over to Johnson City and up U. S. 281 to U. S. 67 to I-35 and into Fort Worth.  We didn't like this as well as the much less traveled U. S. 84 that we followed on our way to the rally.  The problem with U. S. 281 in this part of Texas is that it is mostly only two lanes wide, and there was a great deal of traffic today.  This made for a lot of frustration, I'm sure, on the parts of drivers who lined up behind Phannie at her usual 60 mph gait.  I hugged the shoulder as much as possible to let them pass, but there were a lot of miles that I couldn't give them any room at all.  Drive faster than 60, you say?  Well, I don't think so.  Once you get past 60, the fuel mileage for Phannie is downright frightening; at 60, it's merely breathtaking. It must not have been too bad for the other drivers, though, as I didn't see anyone give me an obscene gesture as they passed.

Howard and Linda made arrangements with Buckhorn for a really deluxe catered meal for the rally attendees on Saturday evening and a nice breakfast at the Sunday morning farewell.  The meal last night included a monster grilled pork chop with all the trimmings that was delicious.  

We had the good fortune of meeting a great couple new to us, Mike and Marian.  They are newly retired and fulltiming, and we share the good fortune of having mutual friends in Ed and Marilyn of Happy Wanderers blog fame.  We had a lively chat during breakfast and expressed our hope that we might run into them again down the road.  Maybe in Colorado this summer, who knows?  Happy travels, you guys!

Mike, Marian, Sandy and Mike
We really enjoyed ourselves at Buckhorn this week, even though some of the presentations were geared more toward less experienced RVers.  Howard and Linda did a great job, and I would highly recommend this rally if you're new to RVing or thinking about jumping in.  You'll be glad you made the investment.  And the people you'll meet?  Priceless!


  1. glad that the rally was a ton of fun!..nice to make some new friends and re-kindle the old friendships!

  2. What joy to see the picture of such wonderful friends. We are so happy that you met Mike & Marian, and the fact that they met you guys.
    We too, hope to see all of you in Colorado this summer.
    June 19th is a good date for the entire "gang" to get together.
    We miss all of you and send big cyber hugs your way.

  3. Thanks for your rally info. My husband and I will be attending a large RV rally this September in the Harrisburg/Hershey area of Pennsylvania. We've been there in past years just to look at campers (overwhelming) but this year we will have more time and we hope to partake of some of the offered seminars.

  4. Glad you enjoyed yourself at the rally. We tend to like the Texas secondary roads, normally they are less travelled and some have nice wide shoulders to drive on so that cars can pass you on, this is important for us as we usally drive between 50 and 55mph so we are even slower than you. Sorry that your drive had more traffic.

    Don't forget to vote for us,

    Kevin and Ruth


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