Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Thursday, May 22, 2014

An Evening with Mike and Marian

At home base near Fort Worth, Texas...

We still marvel at our good fortune to have met through this blog so many RV folks with whom we have become friends. Mike and Marian, a delightful couple we met during our stay in the RGV last February, were visiting their family in Arlington, and we just had to ask them to join us for dinner.  We chose P. F. Chang's, a popular Chinese bistro near their turf.  Marian proclaimed it was one of her favorites, so that made us doubly happy!  Mike and Marian, who have a fifth wheel, did full-timing for a while then established a home base in Mission, Texas at a very nice resort called Retama Village. They had become acquainted with several other couples whose blogs we mutually follow, and we try to pass through their orbits when we can.

Sandy, Marian, Mike and, well, Mike
The food was good, and the conversation and laughter never paused as we chatted about our lives and our mutual friends.  Were your ears burning, Ed and Marilyn, Bob and Janet, Jesse and Ginger? (Don't worry, it was mostly good; the other things we just decided to put in God's hands!)


  1. the friends we have met on the road have been wonderful!..glad to see the smiling faces!!
    hope the food was good!

  2. So that's why my ears were burning...I thought I was getting a


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