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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Visit With Paul and Mary

At home in Fort Worth...

It has been our good fortune to come to know some fine people through blogging and who, for reasons that aren't all that clear, have even befriended us.  Among our favorites are Paul and Mary, who joined us for dinner at Joe T. Garcia's tonight in Fort Worth. (A word about the restaurant later.)

For those who don't know, Paul and Mary were fulltime RVers for four years and recently settled into a new-to-them home in Kansas but keeping Bullwinkle, their motor home. Mary, a gifted writer, chronicled their early retirement in California and their escape from hectic careers in The Great RV Escape, a very readable blog in which we enjoyed every post.

Paul, Sandy and Mary at Joe T.'s

We all had many laughs as we talked about our lives in retirement and the blogger friends with whom we are mutually acquainted. It is always amazing that we know so many of the same people--friends made through our years of RVing and reading the same RV bloggers.

Now, about the restaurant:  I had suggested "Joe T's"--as this restaurant has come to be known over the years--and Paul and Mary readily agreed.  My suggestion was made largely because it is an iconic Mexican restaurant near the Stockyards with a rich history and it is a must-visit place for tourists.  It also has one of the nicest patios anywhere for outdoor dining. Unfortunately, these are the only reasons to patronize this place; don't come here for the food, which is plentiful but mediocre at best.  They offer only two menu items: A fajita dinner or an enchilada dinner, and there was nothing memorable about these except the significant portion that I left uneaten.  

I was a bit chagrined, of course, by having picked a restaurant that I knew to be flawed in the food department, but I reconciled it by thinking that I had helped Paul and Mary achieve this rite of passage in visiting Joe T's and completing the Fort Worth cowtown experience for them.

They didn't seem to mind, though. The evening on the patio was perfect, and we lingered for three hours, enjoying their company. Godspeed and safe travels, you two.  We still think you will make good Texans some day.  


  1. Joe T's is the worst place to go in Ft Worth. Los Vaqueros on Main street has good food but is a little noisy.

  2. how nice that the two of you got to see Paul and Mary!! and it's great to see their smiling faces and Sandy's too!!!

  3. So good to see Paul and Mary. We had fun times with them in Prescott and Sedona. Sometimes it's all about the company - not the food.

  4. Soooo....Mary and Sandy? Twins separated at birth? What an uncanny "resemblance"! Good company usually trumps bad food :-).

  5. The evening was all about the company. And, you two were delightful! So great to see you both. Mother Nature provided picture perfect weather. And, we had to eat something! Add it all up and Joe T's was the place to be! Thanks so much for a fabulous evening! (If Jodee sees a resemblance, I take that as a lovely compliment!)

  6. Glad you had a good time and thanks too for the heads up on the restuarant...


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