Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Monday, August 25, 2014

Colorado Springs

At Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Colorado Springs, CO…

This will be a short post since the last one was a bit longish.  Our leg from Raton was a short one, and we arrived at Cheyenne Mountain State Park around mid-afternoon.  This has to be one of the nicest state parks we've seen, and the views of Colorado Springs are incredible from our lofty mountainside perch. I'll have some photos in a subsequent post.

After setting up, we drove out to Mountaindale RV Park, which is about 15 miles south of our campsite. We checked in with friends Ed and Marilyn, who have graciously agreed to show us around the area in the next couple of days. We also wanted to see the park for ourselves, and we can easily understand why these two have made it their summer home for seven years now.  It is truly a bucolic setting, and we'll have photos of that, too, a bit later.

We asked Ed for a restaurant recommendation for dinner, ever vigilant because of his long checkered history of picking restaurants that are closed. He knew we liked Thai food, so he recommended Na Ri, one they liked that was not too far from our RV park. A bit sensitive himself, he asked Marilyn to verify that it was open on this Sunday evening, and she checked and said that it was. So, after making plans to meet the next day, we followed Ed's instructions directly to the restaurant, only to find it…yep, closed.

We had a good laugh, anticipating the ribbing our friend will have to endure tomorrow, and drove about eight miles up I-25 to a Japanese restaurant named Jun Sushi and Noodles.  It was a busy place, and unfortunately, we were seated too close to a loudmouthed drunk who kept demanding some banana tempura (which the restaurant didn't offer).  Must be quite a drink, that sake.

Sandy and I had a teriyaki-tempura combination that was delicious and quite reasonably priced. 

Their mainstay is sushi, however, and that was the choice of most of the patrons.  We have never exactly warmed up to sushi, clinging to the rather outdated notion that raw fish is just better when it's cooked. I'm pretty sure that's not likely to change.

We're looking forward to our adventures with our friends, and we'll keep you posted.


  1. Ahhh, another great recommendation. We plan to be in the Springs this fall.

  2. Love that kind of food and since our youngest should be going back there in a bit, will try to remember this place:)

  3. We will be at Cheyenne Mountain in late September. We go a little further, we don't like sushi at all.


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