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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Under the Weather

At Northlake Village RV Park, Roanoke, Texas...

February has never been a favorite month. It is usually then when I am beset by the common cold virus, which is a stupid disease that really shouldn't still be around. I mean, really! Modern medicine is replete with victories over some of the deadliest ailments known to mankind. Nowadays, they routinely replace or reattach joints, limbs, organs and the like, but they can't figure out the common cold? Please. 

I have always been annoyed with the coughing, dripping, snorting and general malaise associated with a cold, but I am especially indignant over having acquired this one on the heels of a bout of stomach flu. My dear bride, from whom I seem to have caught the stomach bug, now appears to have the initial symptoms of my cold. I feel bad that I am the source of her discomfort, as she did when she was the source of mine.  

We have been parked here for a week in which we have had several routine visits with doctors, dentists and opticians. The idea is for us to have our prescriptions filled far enough in advance so that we can be away for several months without having to make a prescription pit stop. I suppose one of the few downsides to fulltiming is that our wanderings often take us far away from the medical professionals who know us and our histories so well and whom we literally know as friends. I'm pretty sure we will continue this practice of returning to the area periodically to catch up on these routine visits. If we need medical help on the road, we'll just have to pray and hope for the best, I suppose, but, in my view, this is no reason to deny ourselves the fulltiming experience.

So how is fulltiming going? Well, we're more than a month into it, and not a single regret. We love the simplicity of the lifestyle and the absence of all the responsibilities and expense associated with a house. I think another word for this is "freedom." Sometimes I think we have lucked into the discovery a secret nirvana that most people wouldn't begin to understand. Not that we would want them to; it is better that they continue tending their big houses and their big mortgages, so there is plenty of room for us to roam and play.

Thank you, Lord for this wonderful life; please forgive me if I don't appreciate it enough each day. 

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