Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dropping In On Our Old Stomping Grounds in DFW

At Northlake Village RV Park, Roanoke, Texas...

After catching up with family and friends in Killeen, we relocated back to the DFW area to prepare for attending the upcoming wedding and take care of the never-ending medical/dental appointments and, of course, Sandy's visit to her hairdresser--easily the most important appointment of our stay here. 

While in Killeen, we met up with some of Sandy's relatives--the Boales clan--for lunch:

We also caught up with longtime friends, Rev. and Mrs. John Abbey and some of their lovely family:

Not pictured was a fine steak dinner with Sandy's Uncle Mac and Aunt Janie and a visit with her Aunt Virginia. It's not that I didn't want to include their photos, I just forgot to take them! I really get annoyed at the absent-mindedness that comes with getting old. 

When we arrived in the DFW area, we were still dealing with temperatures in the mid-nineties, as I knew we would face but, in the last few days, the weather has begun to moderate a bit. I think I saw 92 degrees briefly today. Upon walking around Phannie, getting her set up in our new parking space here in the park, I noticed that one of the outside rear tires looked a bit low. I had not seen this before, as I check the tires frequently and have never allowed the pressure to get low enough to see a visible belly on a tire. I hit it with the gauge and found it at 60 psi instead of the normal 100! I summoned a mobile tire service through Coach Net, and the tech found that the valve extension was leaking. I had him remove it, and I'll just make do without it, as I have the backward fittings on my tire gauge and on the inflator I use with the portable compressor. (If you are a guy, you'll probably know what I'm talking about; if you're a gal, you probably don't care.) And, by the way, if it's not politically correct to say that, ask me if it bothers me. (It doesn't.)

We went with Bubba and LouAnn to see the movie, "Sully." I must say that I enjoyed it a great deal, having flown as an airline pilot myself. The technical aspects of the flying depicted in the film were surprisingly accurate--something that can't be said about many films in this genre. However, having perhaps a somewhat unique perspective of a second career with the FAA, I can tell you that the roles of the federal investigators were a bit unfairly portrayed, but I attribute that to the film makers' quest for protagonists for a more dramatic effect. While watching the film, it occurred to me that, except in simulator training, I had never lost even one engine in a jet airliner, much less two at the same time--especially problematic when two is all you've got! Captain Sullenberger is a credit to our profession, and I can only hope that I would have performed so well under those awful circumstances.  

We'll be here another week, then off to visit the grands near Houston. Stick around!

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful life; please forgive me if I don't appreciate it enough each day.


  1. Nice to visit with family and get caught up.
    Tire extensions can be an issue, I put Gator valve cap extensions on our duals, work wonderful no valve cap needed never had a problem with them in 10 years.

    1. Gator, huh? I'll look them up. Thanks, George.

  2. I wondered if you had made it back to the old stomping grounds. We're using the furnace up here, got down to 48 degrees with mighty cold wind. It was so cold even the Sun stayed somewhere else for a couple of days. Enjoy DFW, we're heading there in a few weeks as well.

    1. Having left the cool mountains prematurely in order to attend this wedding, I only wish we could swap places. By the way, if you ever have the desire, an update to your profile would be of interest to me and others. We can never know too many nice folks. Thanks for stopping by!


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