Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Favorite RV Service Providers

These are service providers we have used or have been used by friends and come highly recommended (Updated 12/7/2022)


Red Bay - Bay Diesel - Engine and chassis service   256-356-8803

Red Bay - Chris Berry Woodworking - RV interior cabinetry and woodworking  256-810-4707

Red Bay - Craig Ozborn, Floor Tile setting and repair  356-668-4388

Red Bay - Custom Paint and Auto Body (Bruce Deaton) 256-356-5695, 662-279-3235 (cell)

Red Bay (Vina, Alabama) - Custom RV -  RV interior and exterior components installation and repair 256-668-0973

Red Bay - Charles Colburn - RV interior and exterior components installation and repair. 205-495-0153.

Red Bay - MS RV Solutions - 256-324-0457

Red Bay - Tiffin Motorhomes Factory Service Center

Red Bay - Wright's Body and RV Repair   256-810-0763


Fresno - Fresno Truck Center (Freightliner dealer)  559-486-4310

Palm Springs - Mario's RV Repair 760-413-8288


Colorado Springs - Attention to Detail (RV Wash)  719-761-4260/719-761-5499


White Pigeon - BigFoot Levers   (888) 562-2083

New Mexico

Alburquerque - Affordable RV Mobile Service   505-401-0770


Ohio City - M and M Electronics


Memphis - The RV Man  901-603-0594


Austin - RV On-Site - Mobile RV Service of all kinds 512-800-2553

Fort Worth - Advantage Mobile RV Service 817-996-4412

Fort Worth - Bobby's Satellite and RV Service (Mobile) 972-697-6325

Fort Worth - Clark's Mobile Installation Service - RV electronics and entertainment systems installation and repair  817-366-8329

Fort Worth (Roanoke) - Dancing Bear RV Repair (Mobile) 817-296-1553

Fort Worth (Roanoke) - Fast Freddie's Mobile Wash 806-679-0858

Hondo - Super Heroes on Wheels RV Washing  210-393-9952

Hondo - A. M. RV Repair  888-466-0669

Houston - Sats2Go - Mobile TV Satellite Systems Installation and Repair   281-564-2828

Irving - Inland Truck Parts and Service - Complete service for heavy trucks and RVs  (There are other locations in several states.)

McAllen - All About Carpets - RV carpet cleaning and flooring replacement  956-463-2484

McAllen - CJ's Mobile RV Tech Service  860-287-3586

McAllen - Jesse's Rio Grande Valley Wash and Wax (Best Price)  956-622-1191

McAllen - Next Step Mobile Wash and Wax  (Best job) 956-534-6095

Pipe Creek (Boerne) - Texas Custom Coach


Salt Lake City - Access RV - Full service RV Repair  801-936-1200


  1. Wight's body and rv repair number is 256 810 0763 thank you.

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