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RV Bloggers We've Met

Updated 3/13/20

We feel very fortunate to be part of a relatively small group of folks who write blogs about their RV life and experiences, and some of us have been doing this for a long time. Phannie and Mae, for example, has been going since 2005; many of the others we follow have been around much longer. Regardless of their longevity, however, these bloggers accrue a following among fellow RV bloggers who get to know each other, to a degree, through their postings. It is natural, then, that we try to meet up with our blogging brothers and sisters if we happen to cross their paths. It always strikes us that, had it not been for their blogging activity, we would probably never had had the opportunity to become friends.

Having had the good fortune to meet a number of our blogger friends over the life of Phannie and Mae, we look forward in each instance to making a deeper acquaintance, enhancing through personal nuance and interaction what we already know about them. And that foreknowledge seems always to turn out to be more significant than expected; you can tell a lot about people by what they write and how they write it.

To a person, we value these fine folks as our friends, and we count it as our extreme good fortune to have met them in person. Here they are, in no particular order:

Ed and Marilyn Dray
Craig and Merikay McKenna  "Merikay's Dream"
Kevin and Evelyn Breutzmann "RV Chronicles of Kevelyn"
Howard and Linda Payne   "RV Dreams"
Bob and Susan Alton  "Travelbug"
Dan and Peggy Quinn  "BGE Journeys"
Ray and Cindy Warner  "Ray and Cindy's RV Travels"
Dave and Janice Evans  "Evans Escapades"
Jim and Kellie Stockman  "Suite Travels"
Mark and Denisa Engelman  "Wandering His Wonders"
Mark  and Karen Seneker "Our Future in an RV"
Dean and Cheri Peine  "Travels With Bentley"

No Longer Blogging

Paul and Mary Witwer
Richard and Patsy King
Mui and Erin Erkun
Betty Graffis
Gordon Pierce

About Writing a Blog 

If you are an RVer, and you've been considering writing a blog about your adventures, let me encourage you to do so. There is no better record of the fun times you'll have, and you will be ever so much more appreciative of your efforts as time goes by.  And, of course, it helps you meet the nicest people!

Meetups Encouraged

If you're already writing a blog, or even if you're not, be sure and contact us if you see us in your area. We would love to meet you in person.  Just leave a comment on the blog or email at: mike dot sandy dot mills at gmail dot com.


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    1. Thanks! Glad you decided to visit and hope you'll stick around. Going to check out your blog now.

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