Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Monday, February 24, 2014

Green Eggs and… Bob?

At Llano Grande RV Resort, Mercedes, Texas…

Today's adventure included a drive over to Bentsen Palms RV Resort in Mission, courtesy of Ed and Marilyn and Casper, their faithful Ford Fiesta.

Most of the gang of RV friends who run around together down here (and us!) were invited by Bob and Janet for homemade pizza, which Janet and Ginger put together and Bob expertly cooked on a "green egg" smoker.  

The guys, solving world's problems; Bob, the chef is in the green shirt

Marilyn, Irene, Verna, Ron, Heinz, Bernie and Tom at the table

Green Egg Pizza--Yum!

Tom, Ed, Marilyn and Ginger diggin' in

It was some fine vittles for sure, accompanied by a nice salad and brownies.

Ed also gave us a tour of Retama Village, an upscale development with owned real estate, mostly RV owners.

After polishing off the pizza, we sat around and told stories with much laughter and putdowns galore.  It was so great to be included in this merry band of retirees, many of whom--like us--will be heading back northbound this weekend in search of springtime.

Sandy, Chuck, Colette, Marian and Mike

Jesse, Janet and Ginger

Thanks to all of you for your kindness in inviting us to your shindig; we really enjoyed ourselves.


  1. I heard some laughing yesterday over in the clubhouse and it sounded like someone was having a good time. Guess that was all of you eating your pizzas. You were just across the road from us...

  2. Ratama Village was the upscale owner park we toured. Sure enjoyed the day yesterday! Glad you guys are here to share the fun, and hope you will be back!
    E & M

  3. Glad you and Sandy could join us, we only try to do the boring things when you two are around. Dont want you to think we enjoy this fulltime RV life. ; )


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