Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Simple Pleasures for Simple Minds

At Llano Grande RV Resort, Mercedes, Texas…

Today was a day to reduce the throttle and coast a bit.  While this wasn't a 'down' day--meaning a day with nothing scheduled and no plans--it was pretty close. (We have found that 'down' days are very important in retirement; we need time just to relax and do whatever we wish--or to do nothing at all.  It's good for mental and physical health.)

Ed, upon learning of our fondness for Thai food, suggested lunch at Thai Red Chili's near McAllen.  Six folks from our group made the trek and found the food to be excellent. It was a great way to spend a couple of hours telling stories that were completely true in every aspect. (It should be noted that this post is being written during perfect weather to reduce the likelihood of a lightning strike.)

Ed, Heinz, Irene, Ron, Verna, Marilyn and Sandy

Some of our friends had had little exposure to Thai food, but their clean plates afterward seemed to indicate it may not be their last.

After lunch, we stopped at the local farmers' market, so we now know where to go to get farm fresh produce and fruit. We will be taking some of these goodies back with us in Phannie when we head north in a few days.  

Ed and Marilyn Select a few Vegetables at the Farmers' Market
After returning to the park, we were invited to join 'happy hour' with our little group, so we grabbed our chairs and iced tea and headed for what we thought was Heinz's and Irene's RV (it was actually Ron's and Verna's), only to find no one sitting outside as expected, so we returned to Phannie and hopped in Mae for a little shopping trip into town.  (Apparently Sandy found a few dollars in one of our accounts that had not yet been spent, and she couldn't let that wretched excess lie there not being used to help get the current administration's stimulus plan going.)

As we drove toward the park exit, we suddenly spotted our group sitting outside what turned out to be Heinz's and Irene's actual RV.  We stopped quickly, grabbed our chairs and sat down, accusing our friends of performing some kind of RV shell game to keep us away.  They gave it right back, of course, calling into question my navigation skills from my flying days.

Ed and Irene demonstrated a card trick and mind game that were entertaining enough to help me forget (almost) the obvious snub from earlier.  As always, there were lots of good laughs all around, and we soon called it a day.

The enjoyment of this day underscores the satisfaction of being content with simple pleasures and the gift of a merry heart.  Having escaped the clock-driven frenzy of working to acquire stuff, I am so much more aware of the importance of celebrating a peaceful existence, love for God, family and friends and helping others, as I believe God would have us do.  May all who pass this way be so blessed.


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