Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Friday, February 14, 2014

RGV, Here We Come!

At Rayford Crossing RV Resort, Spring, Texas…

We delayed our departure from home a couple of days to allow for the persistent cold and dreary weather to improve.  We prepped and loaded Phannie on the day before launch day, but we still found a lot to be done before we could close up the house and pull away for another month on the road.  Sandy, as usual, agonized over her wardrobe selections, proclaiming that it is just not possible to carry the "right" clothing for a warm destination when there is the probability--especially given this extreme winter--that it could be quite cold at any time and blow up her whole plan; it is February, after all!  Jokingly, she wondered aloud if it would be feasible to tow an enclosed trailer along with Mae, so that she could just take all her clothes.  Calculating the length of a 40-foot motor home pulling a tow car and a trailer, I told her gently that she might want to consider a different plan. 

After much gnashing of teeth and uncountable substitutions of one garment for another, she came up with what turned out to be a quite reasonable collection that fit nicely in the two-thirds of Phannie's bedroom closet normally occupied by her clothes. 

As for me, it took about ten minutes to assess my wardrobe, make any needed adjustments and put the final pieces in Phannie's closet, all accomplished smoothly and without any forethought.  This caused Sandy's eyes to roll back in her head like the wheels on a slot machine and to issue a rebuke for my insensitivity.  She thought it would have been much more chivalrous if had at least scratched my head a bit.  I considered reminding her that, for women, proper clothing fit would always be a problem since God created woman from a crooked bone--a man's rib. Then I thought better of it as my survival instinct kicked in.

Sandy is a really sweet person who puts up with more of my mischief than she should. Happily, she is not above a bit of mischief herself and gives as good as she gets.  We were clearly meant for each other.

We have had a nice but much too brief visit with the kids, and we'll be leaving today and pointing Phannie toward Mercedes, Texas and the Llano Grande Resort for a couple of weeks.  We'll get a late start from Houston after having lunch and saying our goodbyes, then we will have a short leg to Victoria for an overnight stop.  We're looking forward to joining good friends Ed and Marilyn and their band of merrymakers on Saturday.


  1. Hey we're neighbours. We're down here in McAllen.

  2. Reading about the clothing choices made me laugh. I went through the same thing before we left on our current three month sojourn. In addition, we had a cruise to go on in the middle of it all. Our baby car has a tote in it filled with winter clothes that we were grateful we had along in Texas, and a suitcase that was packed for the cruise, but now has extras we can do without. Too much stuff!!! I still can't decide what to wear half the time.

  3. Have a great month. Surely, it will wait up soon.

  4. Good thing you are satisfied with the smaller "half" of the closet! I have no fashion sense at all so it all just boils down to how many black pants, how many pair of black shorts, and a half dozen tops - bingo, I'm done haha!


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