Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Thursday, April 3, 2014

So Long, Central Texas

At Live Oak Ridge COE Park, Belton, Texas…

We stayed an extra day here to avoid the storms that came through the Fort Worth area where we live.  That gave us time to spend some time with some of our aunts and uncles.

Uncle Mac and Aunt Janie met us at The Gin, a restaurant that had been repurposed from an old cotton gin that operated in downtown Belton from 1921 until after World War II.  It was a laudable renovation, leaving intact the load bearing brick walls and interesting components like the scale platform used to weigh the wagonloads of cotton as they arrived at the gin.  All those who had a part in this project have good reason to be proud.  We all enjoyed the historic venue and the lunch immensely, with lots of laughter all around.

The Gin Restaurant

Sandy, Mac and Janie
The next day, we enjoyed a late lunch with Sandy's Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Nettie, then followed them to their new home in the country near Killeen.  They showed us around, and we enjoyed the tour very much, thinking this place is perfect for them at this point in their lives after having been married for more than 50 years.  I also made a short video in which I "interviewed" them about their courtship, marriage and early years.  We've done this with other relatives, and these have proven to be a treasured archive that will not be lost to those who follow.  I would have included in the blog a photo of this wonderful couple, but I forgot to take a still shot with my camera after shooting the video.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Friday will find Phannie pointed toward home, having had a fine two weeks away on vacation…oh, wait!  Maybe I shouldn't call it a vacation; that term implies that someone is "vacating" work to engage in recreation, doesn't it?  How can we be on vacation from work when we're already on a permanent vacation from work?  Not to worry…this is one of those imponderables which I will indeed refuse to ponder, as I am on vacation from pondering, too.

Next week will result in more doctor visits; Sandy will be getting a steroid injection to help with arthritis neck pain, and I have a routine checkup scheduled along with a teeth cleaning.  It's pretty sad when our human bodies require more maintenance than Phannie.

Phannie's next departure will be on April 11, when we will be heading for The Woodlands, Texas, where I may be judging a barbeque cookoff in which my son-in-law, Tyler, is participating.  By the way, I always post our location changes on RVillage, so look us up if you notice that we are somewhere near you!


  1. safe travels as you head towards home from your 'vacation'!! :)

  2. Judging a bbq cookoff - now that has to be "work". How do you make a decision? Glad to hear you avoided the terrible storms and that all is well. Good luck with all the body maintenance.

  3. I love reading about unique places to eat. We love to eat and love to try new places. So, now that we're going to be skirting back across Texas, maybe I'll see one of the great places you stopped. Frist, I'll start with Lake Belton.

  4. What a cool restaurant! I can't believe how much Belton has grown. We can't wait to see ya'll and get ready for Easter!

  5. Now, that is a great "job"....judging a BBQ cook-off. Sounds yummy.


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