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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Temple-Killeen-Belton: A Stop at Our Old Stomping Ground

At Live Oak Ridge COE Park, Belton, Texas…

While we toiling in our careers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, we didn't get a chance to return to this area of central Texas, notable as it is as the place of Sandy's birth, her upbringing and education, and the place she and I met, married, made a home and had our children. Now free from the constraints of work, we have alighted here for a few days to visit family and friends.  We're also moseying around, amazed at how much has changed and making many side journeys down memory lane.

We really like our waterfront location on Lake Belton at this COE park, and at $11 a night with our America the Beautiful pass, it is a steal.  It is typical of COE parks--large sites and nice facilities, but no sewer at the sites, unfortunately.  Here's our spot:

Someone mentioned that I seem to do a lot of writing about restaurants and, now that I think about it, I guess I do.  I suppose that's because eating is something we, like most folks, do every day. We tend to eat mostly at restaurants, and we like to keep a record of the ones we like and don't like.  If some reader finds the information useful, then that's all the better.  Also, trying new restaurants is sort of a hobby.  We don't really have any interest in sports, hunting, fishing or golf, so the money we save from those pastimes helps subsidize our foodie adventures.

With this in mind, I will continue this practice by reviewing Oscar Store, out in the country east of Temple.  This is another of those quaint places in the middle of nowhere--in this instance, Oscar, Texas, a tiny wide place in the road.  A sharp entrepreneur turned a ramshackle general store into a country restaurant, beer joint and dance hall and has apparently done quite well for himself.  We tried the hamburgers, catfish and onion rings, finding the burgers and rings outstanding, while the catfish was just so-so.  (It was frozen catfish, not fresh--a major transgression on their part). 

While we were roaming around Lake Belton, we happened upon Westcliff COE Park, which we will certainly be patronizing during our next visit.  This campground has a goodly number of spaces right at the edge of the water.

We also had dinner with Rev. John Abbey and his wife, Linda, friends for, let's see, about 40 years.  We had a great time with these fine folks.  Besides being a church pastor, John is also an accomplished musician, and we have had a lot of fun over the years playing organ and piano at a number of churches and other public venues.

John and Linda
We have decided to stay put here for an extra day until the threat of thunderstorms, forecast for tomorrow, goes away.  We will use that time to catch up with more of our friends and relatives.


  1. looks like a lovely park with great views!!! enjoy the rest of your stay!

  2. I like the reviews of restaurants. Of course, when we get to that area I won't remember any of them. That's my problem. So much fun to wander down memory lane.

  3. I pinned both of those COE parks so that I wouldn't lose track of them the next time we are through this part of Texas. Thanks for the heads up, and that dinner looked especially yummy!

  4. Love reading your restaurant reviews!

  5. I use Pinterest to keep track of the restaurants and places you and others frequent. That helps in our decision making.

  6. Gorgeous picture of the lake!


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