Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Monday, September 8, 2014

Canyonlands National Park

At Goulding's RV Park, Monument Valley, Utah…

While waiting on the sun to sink further in the west for good photography, we decided to do lunch at Milt's, a local burger joint that claims to be the oldest restaurant in Moab, established in 1954. 

We saw no reason to dispute this, as it appeared outside and inside to be original and well worn.  Sandy and I both ordered a burger, and we shared an order of onion rings.  The burger would have been okay had they not tried to grill onions along with the patties. The onions burned and gave the burger a distinct bitterness. We also didn't like the spring mix they put on the burger instead of iceberg lettuce. The spring mix is much more delicate than iceberg and, consequently, wilted into nothingness on top of the meat patty. We also didn't like the onion rings, which were dipped in a beer batter, which we also don't like, and they were mushy inside.

Milt's best days, I think, are in the past.  Way past.

It was a perfect day for the drive north of Moab to Canyonlands. It was warm, but not excessively so, and there was no wind at all. The park was not crowded, as the kids are all back in school now. We sort of knew what to expect at Canyonlands, having seen photos in books, but what cannot be gleaned from books is the vastness of the of this land of tortured geology. And the quietness. When looking over an escarpment of incalculable depth and width, my mind has trouble comprehending the forces that formed such a wound in the earth. I am also struck every time by the deafening SILENCE from the vast uninhabited canyons. It doesn't seem possible that such a void in the earth, gaping for countless miles before me, utters no sound at all at the same time the visual senses are on such an overload. 

As in the previous post, I am including only those photos that turned out a little better than average. If you love the beauty of the great Southwest, as I do, you may enjoy these shots from our outing today. The resolution seems to hold up well when I enlarge them on my (Macbook) computer screen, and it really enhances the detail.


  1. I am sooo missing the desert of the southwest. I know green grass and trees are beautiful but your pictures make me long for November when we return. Thank goodness we are so busy having a great time.

  2. Mike,

    If you remember, I once suggested that you attend the "RV event" during a January in Quartzsite. Now, I have to amend that recommendation to tell you to bring your own food!! There are many places in Quartzsite to eat something, but none that prepare anything that would pass your scrutiny...... even I complain about it, and I eat just about anything!! One exception, Sweet Darlene's Restaurant for pie, but after reading some of your posts, I am even hesitant to recommend it!!

    Hope you current trip continues to go well......... I am enjoying reading about it in your blog daily.

    Safe travels,


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