Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Friday, September 19, 2014

Eastbound to the Smokies

At Tom Sawyer RV Park, Memphis, TN…

After a very busy few days at  home after arriving from our trip out West, we are off again--this time, eastbound to Tennessee and North Carolina. We didn't even bother to park Phannie in her RV port alongside our house; we left her in the driveway with all the slides out to facilitate unloading, loading and repairs. Yes, a few little problems had developed on the long haul just finished. The bedroom TV had begun to receive its DirectTV signal intermittently, and I couldn't figure out the problem, as none of the connections appeared to be loose. I called Russ, my satellite expert, who discovered the culprit: A small crack in the input connection board of the TV. In a few minutes, he had wired around the board to a spare HDMI port, and all was well again. We also had another fresh water pump failure, and the tech installed a new one on the morning of our departure. Just in time…we really must not be without all of our conveniences, must we? 

My Tire Tracker pressure monitor system also gave up the ghost just as we departed, so I will be ordering a new one, of a different brand--probably a TST system--to be delivered in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where we will be parked for about a week. So far, I have had problems with the Tire Tracker and the Pressure Pro, so I won't be ordering those again.

We had an uneventful journey to Memphis after an overnight at Shady Pines RV Park in Texarkana. Between there and here, I-40 was rough with a lot of repair construction, but that's not surprising, considering the incredible traffic volume. We probably won't return home this way, I'm thinking. We are parked at the Tom Sawyer RV Park on the Mississippi River. Although a little scary getting into the campground, this is a fun stop to watch the boats go by as they slowly ply the river.  

Dawn over the Mississippi River at Tom Sawyer RV Park in Memphis


  1. Tom Sawyer is one of our favorite campgrounds. Have some BBQ while in Memphis. Or Cajun at Deva Vu.

  2. I have used TST for several years now after experiencing failures with another brand. I have had no problems whatsoever during that time.

    Stay safe on your journey east........

  3. John had to install a new pump about a year ago. An easy, peasy job. We are going to have to try Tom Sawyer park. But Pigeon Forge, No way....too much bumper to bumper traffic. We stay just across the mountain in Townsend TN and commute, if we want to.

    If you go to Asheville, be sure to try 12 Bones. They have two locations. One in town and one, the original, out a bit. We have been there twoice and the ribs are to die for. Obama said it is his fav. rib place...but that didn't impress us. Only the ribs.....just the ribs sir, just the ribs.

  4. Can't wait until y'all head back this way!! We miss you!!! Gorgeous sunrise :)


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