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Monday, August 10, 2015

Kicking Back at Winchester Bay and a Visit With Friends

At Winchester Bay RV Resort, Reedsport, Oregon...

We enjoyed the smooth but winding highway 99 from I-5 over to Winchester Bay. Passing through Elkton, we stopped at Arlene's CafĂ© for a burger (pretty good), and while walking back to where Phannie was parked alongside the highway, we noticed a large rambling house on a small hill nearby and, for some reason, I zeroed in on a porch swing attached to the house that appeared to be inaccessible by its occupants. If you've read this blog for a good while, you know that I like to include photos of odd things, and I decided this was enough of an imponderable that I should memorialize it with my camera. Perhaps some of you can figure it out:

Arriving in Reedsport/Winchester Bay, we were delighted with our accommodation at the Winchester Bay RV Resort. I'm thinking about starting a new page on the blog that I'll call Best of the Best RV Parks, and this one would surely belong there. It is a premium park (with a premium price, I'm afraid), well manicured and spotless, and our parking spot was overlooking the marina on Winchester Bay. It just doesn't get any better:

Naturally, we had to try out some of the local cuisine, so we stopped at the Harbor Light Restaurant in Reedsport for a late supper:
We shared a seafood combo platter that was outstanding, so yes, this place goes on the list.
The next day, we decided to drive Mae down to Port Orford to drop in on Gordon and Juanita, longtime blogger friends who have visited us in Texas. They were more than cordial and showed us around their quaint little fishing village. Taking us to a great viewing area in town, they also arranged for good weather, and we were finally able to get a good long look at the iconic Oregon coast and, at the same time, we watched several gray whales that were frolicking and spouting not far from the hill upon which we were standing. Gordon loaned us a pair of binoculars and we had an even better view of the whales than we had on the cruise. What a treat!
Gordon and Juanita with Luna and Abbey. What a view!

After spending quite a while enjoying the view and watching the whales, our friends took us to The Crazy Norwegian for a fine dinner of fish and chips and fish tacos. The place was packed, and for good reason. The food was fresh and home cooked with lots of care. And yes, it goes on the list!
We spent a fun time laughing, talking and catching up, and we eventually had to say so long to this lively couple who are obviously loving their life and each other. Thank you, friends, for a nice visit!
Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful life; please forgive me if I do not appreciate it enough every day.


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