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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Cool Stuff and Tasty Treats We Find Along the Way

At La Hacienda RV Resort, Austin, Texas...

It can't have escaped your notice that I like gadgets. And good food, of course. So, I thought I would talk about both in this post. 

Steve and Jackie, parked in the space next door, were sporting a couple of Yeti insulated cups that they were raving about. Now I have been peripherally aware of Yeti products and their reputation for keeping things hot or cold, but I was also aware of their prices, which seemed a little beyond reason. I mean, really! Just how much improvement can be made over a Thermos or an Igloo, or whatever? Yet, somehow, I felt unfulfilled. Yes, I was Yeti-challenged. For those who remember the missile race during the cold war, I had a Yeti gap. 

Not wishing to continue being one of the Yeti have-nots, I took Sandy to a nearby Academy store. I knew she would not require any convincing to make a forty-dollar investment in my cup, because she would, of course, also get one. Now anything that would enhance her enjoyment of iced tea--which has been well documented here--would not be met with resistance. Presumably, the Yeti would make the ice last much longer--a prime requisite of someone so discriminating as she is in the art of iced-tea making. A quick swipe of the credit card, and two 30-ounce Yeti cups were ours.

And did they work as advertised? Oh my, yes! I did a test, filling mine with ice water and, 24 hours later, half the ice was still there! Beyond amazing. I can't imagine how it works, and with no condensation on the outside of the all-aluminum cup. Sandy is ecstatic.

I'm so good to her; I guess that takes care of Christmas--right, hon?

Okay, let's get to the food items. For some time, we have been sampling products at Trader Joe's, a left-coast grocery chain that is fairly new to the north Texas area where we live. They have a number of things we like, but two of our favorites are these:
Mini Cranberry Orange Scones

This is the scone outside the package. (It was the only one left.)

Bite-Size Everything Crackers; bet you can't eat just one.

Now I am aware that taste is a subjective thing. But good taste isn't; if you don't like these scones and crackers, there is something wrong with you. If you have a Trader Joe's favorite, let us know.

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful life; please forgive me if I don't appreciate it enough each day.

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