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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Day Five: More Books and Old Computers

At home near Fort Worth, Texas...

Some accomplishments today!  Carlos finished his freshening of the landscaping, and the window washers cleaned all of the windows inside and out; they look great! 

Next will be the gutter guy, who will be replacing a bent rain gutter and checking all the rest. After that, the painter I've hired will refinish the front door and the vanity in the master bathroom, along with a little retouching in the guest bathroom. Once they're finished, I think we will be ready to begin showing the house.

I took three large boxes of books to the nearby church charity, and they were happy to get them. I wasn't aware they took books, but I'm glad they're gone. Unfortunately, that's not all of them. I have a good bit more work to do here.

I also ran across two outdated desktop computers, one of which I replaced recently and the other about five years ago. I really don't know why I kept them around. I took them both down to Best Buy and left them for their recycling program. I had long ago transferred the data from the hard drives; they were just sitting in a corner of the storage building, taking up space. 

Russ, my favorite electronics guru, came by to do another adjustment on Phannie's satellite radio antenna. The radio has been having some reception problems, and if this latest relocation of the antenna doesn't do the trick, he is going to install an external antenna.

Because of a prediction of heavy rain for the next several days, we are postponing our trip to Houston until next week. We will take the day off from this downsizing project in honor of Thanksgiving and then back to work afterward. 

Sandy and I wish each of you the happiest of Thanksgivings. We pray that God's blessings and peace will be abundant in your lives. 

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful life; please forgive me if I don't appreciate it enough each day.

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