Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Memphis Overnight

In Memphis, Tennessee, if memory serves...

Memphis was just an overnight stop for us en route to Red Bay, so we didn’t plan any sightseeing.  We chose the Tom Sawyer RV Park in West Memphis, a rather unique park right on the bank of the Mississippi River, mentioned in many of the blogs I read.  The entrance to the park was a little spooky, but we enjoyed our campsite, which was just a few steps from the riverbank. We sat there and watched the river traffic as the tugboats threaded their way around the sand bars. The water level of the river was extremely low, perhaps as low as we've ever seen it.

Although clearly not in Texas, Sandy displays Texas pride with her purse, don't you think?.

Dawn from our spot at Tom Sawyer RV Park
Since we had earlier done a tour of Graceland, about which I’ve already posted, we decided to eat at Gus’s “World Famous” Fried Chicken, an iconic joint in downtown Memphis. Typically, we like to try new restaurants during our travels, and fried chicken sounded good.  However, I really should have reread that earlier post, because it was obvious when we saw the building that we had already eaten at Gus’s during the earlier trip! Admitting this memory lapse is a trifle embarrassing, but I suppose we are not alone as we get older. I often tell people that I have a great memory, but it is extremely short!

We decided to go ahead and give Gus’s another try, because we didn’t remember whether we liked it the first time. (Gosh, this memory-loss thing is getting painful to write about.) The verdict:  The chicken was hot and tasty and very spicy (which I loved..Sandy not so much), but we thought it was way overpriced. The price issue was probably our perception during the first visit, but we didn’t remember that either.  Egad!

Fried green tomatoes at Gus's; we must be in the South!
After eating, we were pleased that we remembered where Phannie was parked, so we viewed that as something positive and skulked back to Tom Sawyer, now more mindful that, although getting older means getting wiser, it also means getting more clueless.  What’s-her-name thought so, too.   


  1. We always enjoy your posts! Keep up the good work. I hate to use that word so soon after your retirement. You might get a chill down your spine or something.
    Let's say that you should keep up the good writing!
    Hope all the repairs are made quickly at Red Bay. Can hardly wait to see you guys and spend somw quality time together doing nothing!
    Have a great day dear friends!
    Hugs to both of you,
    Ed & Marilyn

  2. Fun post. But that's why you do a blog - so you can go back to when you were there before. Memory - what memory.

  3. Keep up the fantastic posts about your early retirement travels. It's exciting to see you on the road with no grand agenda...other than repeating a fine restaurant experience. :-) I think we have done that also...but I don't remember!! Haha!!

    Have fun, safe travels and RELAX! You deserve it!

    Gordon and Juanita

  4. If it comes down to it, just take a picture of where you parked, although that might not be such a big concern with the RV.
    We used to do that in some foreign countries we visited though. Nothing worse than not being quite sure how to get back to the car, and also not speaking the language.

  5. If not for my blog, we'd forget which states we've visited, much less restaurants!

  6. Mike, I'm having such an enjoyable time reading through your older posts! I certainly had a good laugh over this one, but I'm concerned that part of the reason is that it hit so close to home. Loved that last line - it was priceless!

    1. I hate to admit it but, since I don’t remember writing this, I sorta enjoyed it, too! Isn’t that pitiful? I’m also still trying to figure out why I didn’t answer the comments above yours. I can only guess that Blogger didn’t notify me back then when I had a comment. Anyway, thanks for the kind words. Always appreciated.


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