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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Are You a No-Reply Blogger?

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(Alert: This post will be meaningful only to folks who use Blogspot for posting their blogs.) 

Here's some information that will enhance your experience with Blogger:

When you get an email telling you have a comment on your Blogger post, have you noticed that you can reply to the authors of some of them and others you can't?  In the former case, the commenter's email address pops up when you hit the reply button on your email program.  In the latter, you get the dreaded "no" instead of a valid email address.

While Blogger has some great features, it is frustrating in that it does not include adequate information about setting it up so that  people who comment on your blog can receive replies from you.  The default setting is for this important feature to be disabled and, in my view, that is not adequately explained. 

There is a feature within the comments section at the end of each post for me to reply to a comment, but it is highly unlikely that the commenter will return afterward to see if I replied, so I generally don't bother to reply there. The other, more workable, option is for me to reply to the commenter via the email I received from Blogger announcing the posting of the comment.  Unfortunately, I can't do that if the commenter's Blogger profile is not set so that he/she can receive emails in this way.  Of course, there will always be some folks who are a little reluctant to have their email address visible anywhere, so they will not be interested in changing this setting in their profiles.

So, if you would like to receive replies to your comments--and I hope you do--the procedure for setting up your profile can be found here.  Please consider taking advantage of this and help spread the word.  Tell your readers their comments are important and that you would like to have the privilege of responding to show your appreciation. 


  1. I've never found any response option to be fully satisfying. And, my template (or whatever I've done to it) doesn't allow for "reply" to the specific comment.

    My favorite scenario is when commenters start commenting to each other, almost like a real conversation.

    There is Google+ commenting, but that requires commenters to have a G+ account.

  2. I always feel kinda guilty when I don't reply... I really love getting comments but have never figured out the proper etiquette or, for that matter, the way, to respond. There are often comments I get that I'd prefer to answer in private, but... no e-mail address. I'll check out your suggestion. Thanks!

  3. It is tough to try and reply to somebody without having to go back and post to their blog. I don't reply to most comments unless I'm asked a specific question. Then I do try and get back to that person somehow.

  4. I like to reply by email but don't always do so if it is just a generic comment. I am sometimes frustrated when I want to reply to someone and they had a "no-reply." Once in a while I will leave a response on my blog but, like you, I don't think people go back and read those. I am thinking about going the Google+ route but just am not convinced yet that I want to make that change.

  5. I prefer not to reply. Oh...wait....I guess I just did. Can you write a blog on how to delete replies?

  6. It is strong to try and answer to somebody without having to proceed back and post to their blog. I don't answer to most remarks unless I'm inquired a specific inquiry. Then I do try and get back to that individual somehow.

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    1. I see that your profile is not set to receive email replies as I described. If it had been, you would have received a cheerful reply from me thanking you for your comment. So, I'll thank you anyway and wish you the very best.


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