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Friday, September 6, 2013

Retirement Afterglow

At home in Fort Worth...

Small pleasures abound in retirement.  The nefarious alarm clock that has controlled the beginning of my day for decades sits there, mute and dejected, as if it knows its sadistic six o’clock ritual has been banished forever. I simply arise when it suits me now.  Sandy and I can have a leisurely breakfast or, if there’s some adventure waiting, we can  get going quickly and grab something on the road. And under no circumstances do I allow my route of travel or the timing thereof cause me to mingle with the several hundred thousand commuters in the demolition derby known as rush hour on the DFW traffic arteries.  Only a week ago, I was among these poor slobs, grinding my teeth and hoping my defensive driving skills would be adequate to save me from any number of zombies talking on their cell phones or even texting as they hurtle mindlessly along the interstate in their two-ton projectiles. 

I had heard that the date and time of day become less relevant to retirees, and it is indeed true.  It is almost a given that I will pull out my cell phone now whenever I have a need to know the date or the day of the week.  One of the most popular items available online to retirees is a clock with only the days of the week on it instead of the time.  I think I need one.

When I need a nap, I take one.  I used to take naps at the office, too, but they weren’t necessarily intended.  One bright note is that the older you get, the more likely your coworkers are to overlook the old guy who nods off occasionally. This only gets really embarrassing when you are in a meeting in which you are the featured speaker.

I wonder if I will reach a point in the future when I will renounce this slothful existence and make something of myself?  

I doubt it.


  1. congrats on your retirement..sounds like you are 'catching on' very quickly!!
    One day it will be our turn..just not yet!

  2. Sounds to me like that "slothful existence" suits you just fine.... Soon you might start wondering how you ever found time to work at a "real" job!

  3. Slothful existence is so wonderful - I love every minute of it. Relax, enjoy and remember - naps are one of the best things ever.

  4. We no longer feel the need to stay up late into the night unless we have a good book or company. The extra sleep is so restorative, and you will eventually feel like you have caught up. Naps are always a pleasure.

  5. butterbean carpenterSeptember 15, 2013 at 2:17 PM

    Howdy Sandie & Mike,

    Ain't it nice, now, Mike, to 'drag' around the house with your coffee and thinking about NOT HAVING TO THINK!!!

    Sandie does have a life, you know, so don't get in her way; she'll run over you !!! Just be cooool !!!

    Hope every day now is a HAPPY DAY !!!


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