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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Projects Completed and New Friends

In Red Bay, Alabama...

Yesterday was the final day for work on Phannie on this trip to Red Bay.  Goodness knows, this has been a marathon event but very productive in fixing Phannie's issues and adding some goodies that we wanted.  

Chris Wright
We drove Phannie out to Chris Wright's body shop behind his nice home in Red Bay so he could dress up and paint the exhaust fan housing that Brannon at Custom RV installed last week.  Chris, like all the service providers we've encountered, was very personable and obviously skilled in his craft.  We couldn't be more pleased.

Just as Chris finished his paint job, Chris Berry showed up with a modified cockpit tray table and a new shelf for the cabinet under the stovetop.  Chris is a master woodworker with a shop at his rural home where we left the tray table a few days ago to have longer extensions added to the drawer slides.  As originally configured, the table could be pulled out for the copilot to use, but not far enough to access it without bending forward uncomfortably.  We added this to our list of factory design missteps that should have been obvious (remember the wood floor under the wet bay?) in an otherwise fine motor home.  We had to wonder if the designer had even occupied the seat and attempted to use the table before production commenced.   

This was the original table extension:

This is the table with extended slides:

Although I didn't include a photo of it, Chris Berry also installed a middle shelf in the cavernous storage cabinet under the stove top.  Without the shelf, the upper portion of this cabinet was just wasted space.  This was another simple, low-cost addition that, in our opinion, should have been installed during production.

Chris Berry; he installed the shelf in the cabinet with the open doors.
 We had an extra treat in the afternoon when we dropped by Richard and Patsy King's Allegro Bus, parked at the Tiffin campground and waiting for service to some minor issues with their coach.  We are mutual blog readers (find theirs here), and we enjoyed a lively and laughter-filled chat after meeting them. 

Patsy and Richard King

Today will be our last full day in Red Bay. If the rain stays away, we will likely get a wash job for Phannie before the trip home.


  1. You might want to double check with Chris Wright about that wash job. Some paints that are used often have instructions against washing for short periods of time allowing the paint to properly cure. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Nice send off to be able to visit with other blog friends. Always nice when everything gets fixed and the new modifications work out so well.

  3. If you get your wash job on Phannie, better plan to arrive home on Friday as it is forecasted to rain Saturday into Sunday. Looking forward to your return home!

  4. Say hi to the Kings from us. Nice mods by the way. Sounds like your trip has been productive. Safe drive home.

  5. most times it is the little modifications that make all the difference!!!


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