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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fun and Games

At Buckhorn Lake RV Resort, Kerrville, Texas…

Yesterday we had a nice visit with Sandy's sister, Brenda, who dropped by Buckhorn on her way from Phoenix to her home in Houston.  She had been taking care of her grandsons there and just welcomed twin granddaughters into her family.  Like her sister, Sandy, she hardly looks old enough to be a grandmother, does she?

We enjoyed good conversation over lunch after introducing her to the 'misfits' gathered here.  Our friends were on surprisingly good behavior at the time, so she probably got a more favorable impression of them than she should have.  

Today, we arose just after daylight (for us) at 9:00 a.m. and readied ourselves in a leisurely fashion for game-playing with the Misfits in the afternoon.  (You'll have to read Ed's blog to figure out how these folks acquired this 'Misfits' moniker.)  It took a while to check all of our electronic information sources, responding to phone calls, email and text messages and taking care of personal business online.  

(Off topic:  When I reflect on the paragraph above, I am awestruck by the technology that allows us to be connected literally to the world via a few electronic gadgets and a satellite dish on Phannie's roof. I have lived long enough to remember my grandparents' modest house in the country where neither electricity nor telephone had reached, and I wonder what they would have thought of the magic at my fingertips as I write this.)

After a quick lunch--rollovers made using Cajun sausage from one of our favorite purveyors of smoked meats--Tallent's in Riverside, Texas--we joined the Misfits for our initiation to the Mexican Train game.  It didn't take us too long to get the hang of it, and we had a great time with these nutty characters.  My emerging as a winner was a surprising plus, even though the experienced players claimed they allowed me to win out of pity.  (I can tell you for sure this is nothing but pure bunk, as these people show no pity to anyone; if you don't have a thick skin around this bunch, you will leave with tire tracks on your forehead.)

After my well-deserved victory lap, we met at Mamacita's, a large and ornate Mexican restaurant on Highway 27.  Sandy and I ordered fajitas for two and took away a doggie bag with enough food for another meal!  The dinner and company were very enjoyable, the evening made more so by the restaurant's management having the good sense to keep the background music volume at a low enough level to allow easy conversation.  (One of my greatest pet peeves is a restaurant where the background music is so deafening that guests must shout to be heard; I confess to having gotten in the face of more than a few restaurant managers about this.)

The Misfits (most of them) plus Sandy at Mamacita's.  From left: Ginger, Bob, Janet, Ed, Marilyn, Jesse and Sandy.

After dinner, Sandy and I watched some TV and probably napped a bit in our recliners. I still sometimes almost pinch myself when I realize at the end of a day like today that it had been a weekday-- when, just a few months ago, I would have been at the office, wishing desperately that tomorrow would be a Saturday again.  Ed and I talked briefly about this, and he said he really doesn't even think about his work life any longer.  I suppose I won't either one day, but I'm not sure I want to forget entirely the appreciation I have for the blessed difference between work and retirement.  As Ed always signs off in his blog, "Life is Good."

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  1. I just learned how to play Mexican Train too. My folks taught it to our kids, but we never wanted to learn. It really is fun. Dinner looked great!


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