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Thursday, March 6, 2014

We Meet Fellow Bloggers

At Gulf Waters RV Resort, Port Aransas, Texas…

It's always a bit magical to meet in person some of the folks whom we already know through reading their blogs.  In many cases, these meetings form lasting relationships that we will always cherish. For others, whose paths we may cross only infrequently, the personal meeting adds an element of humanity that comes only from a handshake or a hug that pierces the electronic barrier that is the Internet.  From that point forward, we will see differently their images on our computer screen: They are persons, they are real, and they are our friends.

And so it was when we met Mui and Erin of Two to Travel's Phaeton Journeys fame. We knew from their blog that they, too, were staying here in Gulf Waters, and we couldn't let the moment pass without saying hello.  They were kind enough to visit us in Phannie for a spirited conversation and lots of laughter. We complimented Erin on her expert blogging and photography, and I thanked Mui for all the ideas I stole from him as he has operated and upgraded their Phaeton coach that is similar to ours. These two are incredibly interesting and friendly world travelers, who soon will be embarking on an arctic circle trip.  We also spoke of mutual acquaintances, and I passed along a greeting from friends Richard and Patsy, who publish King's Highway.  There were hugs all around as we parted, ever richer for having had this moment together--as it has been with all of the cyber friends we have had the good fortune of meeting in person.

The following photo is just for my grandson, Mason, who hopefully will not be too upset that his Poppy is about to be a shark's lunch!

Hope this shark is taking Lipitor!
Here are our final restaurant reviews for this area, as we will be departing tomorrow for Houston:

Avery's Kitchen - This Port Aransas cafe is where the locals eat. I love little mom and pop places like this, where the food is simple, delicious and cheap.  On the day of our visit, they were serving a lunch buffet for $8.95 that included two meats, three vegetables, a nice salad bar and two kinds of desserts.  Can't beat that, and it was all very tasty.  Sandy opted for a shrimp po' boy that was made with some of the best fried shrimp we have had here.  The place has great reviews for its seafood, and I wish I had had room to order some after having laid waste to their lunch buffet offerings.  Highly recommend this place when you're slummin'. 

Crab-N - This restaurant is right on the water between Aransas Pass and Rockport on highway 35.  It's a nice enough place--with tablecloths, even--but, unfortunately, they bombed on the seafood.  The breading on anything fried was tough and formed a sarcophagus that quickly broke apart, allowing the pieces of seafood to fall out. This was evidence of a cook that didn't know what he or she was doing and/or seafood that was not fresh. They also served perhaps the worst crab cake ever.  The mushy mess inside the cake was so fishy tasting that I wouldn't feed it to my cat.  Don't stop at this place; you'll be sorry if you do.

Well, that's it for Port Aransas.  We're headed to Houston, then back home near Fort Worth.  Our next destination, in late March, will be Buckhorn RV Park in Kerrville.


  1. Thanks for the kind words. We enjoyed meeting you guys and hope that our paths cross on the road somewhere in the future.

  2. Always so wonderful to meet up with blogging buddies. And you are so right, they are already friends before we even meet them.

  3. Always great to meet up with fellow bloggers. We have been lucky enough to meet Erin and Mui, as well:)

  4. how nice that you got to spend some time with Erin and Mui! nothing like meeting a blogger and feeling like you are old friends!!

  5. That's wonderful. Great post and lovely photos! Greetings from Montreal, Canada.


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