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Sunday, September 22, 2013

More Curiosities

In Red Bay, Alabama...

One of the marvelous things about small towns is that interesting and quirky things seem more visible. Or, it could be that I'm more observant of my surroundings than when I was racing to and from the office in the daily demolition derby known as rush hour.  Regardless, I've included below a few more things that struck our fancy here in Red Bay.

As I mentioned earlier, a local festival called "Founders' Day" was to be held this weekend.  Part of the experience obviously was for local establishments to construct dioramas or vignettes depicting small town life in the early days of Red Bay's founding.  The first, depicting a brush arbor meeting, is in front of the First Baptist Church, and the second, depicting a general store, is near a local appliance business:

These folks are really into dummies.  Here is a photo of a dummy in a lawn chair near a dilapidated house just outside of town.  It was perhaps used as a scarecrow at some point, but it did make us do a double take:

I'm really not sure what this is depicting, but I was fascinated by the old Chevrolet pickup ('47 or '48?) painted pink. Sandy speculated that it was the very first Mary Kay Cosmetics vehicle: 

The next one is perhaps the most curious of all.  I'm not sure if the owner is making an artistic statement or is merely a person of few words:


  1. Loved this post. That truck is fabulous.

  2. We arrived at Camp Red Bay on Saturday morning, and have driven around town and seen most of what you have photographed........ just did not see the pink truck. We drove by your coach a couple of times, but never saw your car, so we did not stop. We did see your new stove vent...... you will like it. We had it put on about two years ago.

    We are in site 59 and you are welcome to stop by if you are in the campground. Beginning tomorrow, we will have to get down to the business of getting our projects done. I need to have a meeting with Tiffin Engineering on a Spartan recall, appointment at Brannon's on Tuesday AM, and some service work at the center.

    Hope to meet you some day. If you are finishing up, you should consider going to the TRVN Tiffin rally in Pine Mountain, GA. Several of folks here are headed that way.

    Safe travels,
    Richard and Patsy King
    Victoria, TX


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