Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Another Foodie Find and More About Quirks

At Rayford Crossing RV Resort, Spring, Texas (near Houston)...

I haven't been including too much about our restaurant adventures lately, as we really haven't been all that impressed with some of the places we've been. Until now, that is. 

I've already mentioned El Palenque here in Spring as a wonderful Mexican restaurant, but I must remove my hat now in reverence toward our new find today. The 5 Ate CafĂ© (again, here in Spring, Texas), has possibly the best pizza on the planet, yet it is possibly the restaurant least likely to be identified as such on the planet. It is located, of all places, in the Inspire rock climbing gym at 403 East Louetta.

Would you think you would find the world's best pizza in this place? Neither would I.

Don't be scared away by the young athletic types in view who scurry up and down the vertical walls of the gym as if they were large spiders. Is that something I would try? Absolutely not; the injuries that could result are limited only by the number of bones in my body.

We shared the Italian Pizza, a perfect marriage of a thin, almost flaky crust, along with the freshest of Italian meats and cheese. The crust was a thing of beauty, oddly contradictory in that it was thin and crispy and, at the same time, tender. The sauce was inspired, being oh, so flavorful, without being too thick and pungent. The meat toppings, clearly sourced from Italy, had little need for a huge layer of accompanying vegetables, so a few slivers of onion and basil served more as a filigree than anything else. We also tried one of their signature burgers and thought it very tasty but, frankly, we couldn't get past the pizza. Oh my! You must try this place.

Sorry for the quality of this photo; the pizza was so good, I forgot to take my own. This is from their website.

Okay, next subject:  It's time to reveal more oddities--this time about me.
I don't like football. GASP! Yes, you heard that right. Now that I've admitted it, I won't be surprised if I hear a knock at my door and then be led away for psychological reprogramming. With football fanaticism the way it is in Texas, it is just not thought normal that a native Texan could renounce it. It's a little like being an atheist here in the Bible belt. 
It's not that I haven't tried. I've attended many games, but found that I was bored to tears watching a group of grown men, sweaty and musclebound, chasing that odd-shaped ball around the field. I just don't see the point. Sure, they might win the game, but so what?  The win is only good for that game, and the number of games yet to be played is limitless. A point will be reached where they will lose a game, then the coach will get fired, and some of the players will get arrested, then it starts all over again. I would rather read a magazine about golf--another sport that bores me to death.
And really, is there anything more inane than the football talk show? How is it possible that anyone can tune in to a show dedicated to nothing more than utter speculation about who may do what in a football game? Does anyone really care about this?How about including the number of times players have been handcuffed? Now that might pique my interest!
Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful life you have given me. Please forgive me if I do not appreciate it enough every day.


  1. close the blinds and lock the doors..don't you live in Cowboy country?..
    not everyone can like football or golf? if you are going to talk hockey?

  2. I watch some football but if it went away I really wouldn't miss it. I heard an ad last night for an NFL talk show that comes on every day and I told Jim, I couldn't imagine anybody wanting to watch people talk about football over and over and over again. And they pay for this privilege. I'm with you on golf - definitely not anything I've ever watched.

  3. I don't like football either! How did you find out about the pizza location?

  4. Always enjoy your foodie info, even if your not a football fan :-)


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