Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Jim and Terri Come for a Visit

At Rayford Crossing RV Resort, Spring, Texas (Near Houston)...

Longtime friends Jim and Terri drove down from Arlington to pal around with us last weekend, and we enjoyed their visit so much.

On the first evening, we ate at the Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant, a really good one, on Highway 2920 near Tomball and went on a boat tour of the Houston Ship Channel on Sunday afternoon. This free tour is sponsored by the Port of Houston authority and was well worth the hour or so that it took us to go from the turning basin past the I-610 bridge for seven miles down the channel. Although the narration was not always audible, we learned quite a bit about the Port of Houston that we didn't know, including its standing as second only to Rotterdam in the handling of petroleum product tonnage. The city fathers obviously had remarkable foresight back in 1912 when they were able to secure the funding for dredging Buffalo Bayou and creating the immense economic powerhouse that is the Port of Houston.

View from the Tour Boat

Our Tour Boat, the Sam Houston
Sandy Won't Like This Photo, Snapped as the Wind Caught her Shirttail.
After the channel tour, we went to the Monument Inn in La Porte to have some seafood and continue watching the traffic on the ship channel. The food was great and the fellowship even better, so a great time was had by all.

Jim and Terri at the Monument Inn
Terri Watches a Tanker From our Table at the Monument Inn
By the way, I intend to add a tag line to this post and all subsequent ones. I stole it (with permission) from longtime friend Martha Jo Burns, and I wish it to be never far from my utterance:

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful life, and please forgive me if I don't appreciate it as I should each day.

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  1. Appreciating each and every day is a tough one....there are those days when the mundane routine can get one down!..seems to me that you and Sandie are good at appreciating all that life has to offer, flying shirt or not!..great photos and it sure looked like a nice day for a boat ride!!


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