Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Thursday, July 9, 2015

It's even raining in Salt Lake City!

At the Salt Lake City KOA...

After leaving Gunnison, we stopped a short distance out of town to have some breakfast/lunch. There was a nice turnout at the edge of the Gunnison river, and we enjoyed our meal greatly as we looked out the window at the picturesque canyon and the clear water of the river.

View of the Gunnison from Phannie; Sandy's ice tea pitcher is never far away!

We know there are some wags out there who will say that looking out the window from a motorhome is a copout--hardly the same as taking a picnic to the water's edge and communing with nature. Well, I suppose that's true, but how are you going to toast the bread for your sandwich? Huh? Bet you never thought of that?

After arriving in Green River, Utah, where I had originally planned to stop for the night, I determined there were only 180 miles on to Salt Lake City. There wasn't much to the town of Green River, and the RV park was a dump, so we decided to omit the stop altogether. We arrived at Salt Lake in plenty of time to get set up before nightfall. Afterward, we went driving around, casing the joint. It wasn't long, however, before a downpour started. I swear, I do believe the bad weather followed us up here. I'm ready for some sunshine!

I think the leg from Gunnison to Salt Lake was the longest single-day leg of any trip we have taken with Phannie: About 420 miles. In fact, it is about twice as far as we usually go in one day.  We made it fine, but we're pretty tired.

Following U. S. 24 and U. S. 50 from Colorado Springs to Grand Junction was a beautiful drive, but it required quite a bit of work to keep Phannie's speed in check while managing the engine RPM and constant shifting. I'm not sure I would do it in a motorhome again without having a purpose to do so.

Tomorrow we explore Salt Lake City!

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful life; please forgive me if I do not appreciate it enough each day.

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