Photo taken near Monument Valley, Utah

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Grand Tetons and Into Yellowstone

At Valley View RV Park, Island Park, Idaho...

The weather was much more cooperative today in allowing the Tetons to be exploited with tens of thousands of photographs being taken by throngs of tourists roaming the viewing area where we stopped.

Naturally, I have included here my favorites of the photos, so I can remember this trip when I get old. (Assuming I can remember who I am then.)

The farther north we went in the park, the better the views:

Entering Yellowstone by the south entrance, I was happy to see that my dire prediction of a crowded park with gridlocked traffic was slightly overblown. Traffic was light, except for around the attractions; there were crowds at each one, and parking appeared to be a problem. We also had to stop a couple of times for some wandering bison, but they were merely fun to watch.

We had the good fortune of meeting up with Craig and Merikay, as they were also staying at our RV park. After hugs, we talked as though we had known each other for years. Well, in a way, we have, because we have read each other's blogs for, well, ever since I can remember. After chatting for a while, we made plans for the next day in Yellowstone. We'll have some photos of Craig and Merikay then.

We had a few things to pick up at the grocery store in downtown West Yellowstone, so we drove over there and, in the process, got a whiff of the pizza being baked nearby at The Wild West Pizzeria. We were hungry, so we went inside and, after a short wait, were seated and had our order taken.

We chose the "make your own" variety and, I must say, it was one of the better pizzas we have had.

This sucker was really loaded with the toppings we selected, especially the meat, for which I had a desperate craving after having somehow lived through that prissy little salad I ate yesterday in Jackson. I still don't know what caused me to have that little spell of dementia. Anyway, the server at the Wild West was prompt, attentive and cheerful, and just so you'll know, I was impressed enough to include this restaurant on my favorites list.

Into the park we go tomorrow for some serious sightseeing.

Thank you, Lord, for this wonder life; please forgive me if I do not appreciate it enough each day.

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