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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kicking Back in Portland, and Who Drops In? Joe and Betty

At Portland Fairview RV Resort, Portland, Oregon...

We were in the process of regrouping today after suffering the shock of encountering triple-digit temperatures here in Oregon. Fortunately, our disillusionment was diffused somewhat by the much cooler temperature that should continue for a few days, according to AccuWeather.

After a morning that was as unproductive as we could make it, I fixed one of my Thai-inspired salads that is an absolute favorite and may just be the best salad ever created. The recipe? Once I get it on paper and not in my head, I'll post it.

Imagine my surprise when I received a message from fellow bloggers Joe and Betty inviting us to do a meet and greet. We are always delighted to make a face-to-face acquaintance with good folks we already know through their blogs, and Joe and Betty were no exception.
Betty and Joe
They were kind enough to look us up in our RV space and visit for a couple of hours that seemed more like a couple of minutes. What a treat! They even brought us a jar of preserves from an Oregon farm and gave us all kinds of suggestions about things to see while we're here. They even suggested a restaurant for dinner. (I can't imagine why they thought we would be eating out.)

Well, after we said our goodbyes, we did, in fact, take them up on their suggestion. And here it is:

Sayler's Old Country Kitchen has been in business in Portland as long as I have been alive (it opened in 1946) and specializes in steaks, seafood and other classic dishes. We opted for steak and fish and chips, and they were wonderful.

The steak appears overdone in the photo, but it was perfectly medium rare inside.
The steak was served with a ramekin of garlic butter, and the fish was fresh halibut! Who makes fish and chips out of halibut-the king of fish? Nobody! Well, except Sayler's, that is. Yes, it was just as good as you might imagine.

It's easy to see how Sayler's has stood the test of time. It is old school, comfortable and attentive to quality. The service was impeccable, and we enjoyed it enough to put it on our list of favorites.

Tomorrow will bring some sightseeing, undoubtedly including some of Joe and Betty's suggestions.  Thanks again for stopping by, y'all!

Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful life, and forgive me if I do not appreciate it enough each day.

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